What you can do

Help build Tvind Alert’s service to people of all countries and nationalities by translating relevant material from other languages into English or vice versa. Translations particularly wanted from Spanish, and unusual languages such as Chinese and Japanese.

Tvind Alert is pleased to hear from people in any country who can show they are interested and concerned to become a Tvind Alert ‘country contact’. Contacts particularly wanted in Germany, eastern Europe and south America.

Even if you don’t want to have your email address made public, you can help Tvind Alert to gather and publish interesting information by becoming a ‘page editor’. Page editors can help behind the scenes by keeping pages accurate and up to date.

Why not build your own investigative web site, especially if you are in a country where English is not the first language, and link it to Tvind Alert. Find out more about Tvind in your country and expose it. You can also ask for space on Tvind Alert. We can help with contacts and information

It goes against the grain to ask for money – this is not a commercial site. However we have come to realise that some things cost money – paper, printing, envelopes and postage, for example. If you have benefiited from this web site, please consider making a small donation

Write a letter to your MP, local councillor or the Charity Commission. Other people who need to know about Tvind include university and college heads, student unions, career officers, social service departments, recycling officers, supermarket and petrol station chains.

Tvind Alert posters are available in several languages warning people not to give their old clothes to Humana because it is not primarily a development aid charity. They can be stuck on bins or shop windows. Download the posters direct from here.

Whatever your experience as a volunteer, fundraiser or project leader, contact the media, offer them your story and tell them about Tvind Alert. Local or national. Tvind Alert can help with contacts with the media in several countries.

A small leaflet has been created that is being sent to all UK council recycling officers, informing them of the link between some used-clothes recycling companies in the UK and Tvind. You can adapt this leaflet to your own purposes, or send us one of your own. PDF format.