Tvind’s secret companies

Senior members of the Teachers’ Group often have an interesting part-time occupation. They become directors of companies, or of money-making ‘charities’, all over the world. Wherever Tvind sets up shop, the same names seem to occur – Tvind has created dozens of companies, in Europe, the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, and especially in ‘offshore’ tax havens such as the Channel Islands and the Caymans. This is something Tvind does not disclose to new recruits.

These companies are often connected with land, property, farming, import-export, the clothing trade or furniture, but Tvind appears to have moved into computers and timber (including tropical hard wood) as well.

Here are the names of some concerns we know about, past and present. Some of these may no longer function – Tvind likes to create shell companies and regularly changes their names. We are not certain exactly what they all do, or did…..please tell us if you know.

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