The Teachers’ Group

The Teachers Group (TG or LG) is at the heart of Tvind. It began in about 1970 as a group of like-minded anti-establishment people in Denmark. Today it is a circle of several hundred people who have accepted Petersen’s founding principles: common economy, common time, and common distribution.

Common economy means that the teachers transfer all their available income to joint savings, while for their own requirements they receive food, lodging and pocket money from the community.

Common time means that the members of the TG are available to the community and that to a certain extent theyn forgo their personal rights, such as the right to start a family according to their own wish.

Common distribution means that the community is to decide where the TG members are to work and what theyb are to,mwork with. In practice this is decided by the Distribution Group.

This concise description of the Teachers Group is drawn from the Danish police documents (pdf file)

TG members are highly-motivated people who are teachers, project leaders, company directors, administrators and recruiters. Some of these loyal followers of Tvind have spent their whole adult lives in the organisation.