Schools and colleges all over the world…

Schools and colleges all over the world…

Why you should be concerned about Tvind schools:

1. The Programme – what teaching and social methods are used?

2. Allegations of brainwashing and bullying


3. Relative isolation in mountains or forest.

4. Money must be paid in advance.

5. Students have to fundraise and find more recruits. Lots of time spent on ‘tasks’ with little privacy

6. Use of untrained, unpaid or poorly paid volunteers and assistants

7. Allegedly poor resources and teaching programme

8. Tvind is the only ‘aid agency’ which charges untrained volunteers so much money up front for such long training, to ‘volunteer’ in the Third World.

9. Lack of transparency and financial openness

10. Can be hard to get your money back when you leave

11 Many Tvind schools in England and Denmark have been closed by the authorities.