Hope – jumping on the Aids bandwagon?

‘Hope’ or TCE (Total Control of the Epidemic) is an Aids project run by the Teachers Group in southern Africa, using a handful of volunteers and moderately trained project leaders.

Unlike many other Tvind projects, TCE has received a relatively good press. The contrast between Hope’s success and Tvind’s other projects is striking. Humana’s anti-aids work has been awarded a prize by AGFUND, the Arab Gulf Programme for United Nations Development Organizations (a charitable body in Saudi Arabia – not part of the UN), and it has also been selected as the national Aids scheme by one or two African governments. It may be one of the more effective Tvind development aid projects.

Even so Hope has plenty of critics. In Denmark the national Aids foundation has demanded that Hope is debarred from using the internationally-recognised red ribbon symbol. Aids in Africa is an emotive issue and allows the Teachers Group to raise huge sums – many questions have been asked about exactly how the money is used, whether Hope’s aims for ‘Total Control of the Epidemic’ (TCE) are realistic (or just rhetoric – it has claimed it can wipe out the epidemic in three years), and whether its campaigns are effective.