Frequently Asked Questions

My son / daughter has just enrolled at a Tvind college. Should I be worried and how can I get him / her home?

You should be concerned. Many people leave after a few months. But some people are susceptible to psychological pressure, and you may not know if your son or daughter (brother, sister) is susceptible until it is too late. Prepare a file of information about Tvind and the Teachers Group from the press, this site and other Internet sites. Get your son / daughter to read and consider it. The best advice Tvind Alert has received is that you should ask a trusted friend of your son / daughter’s age (boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister, best friend, classmate) to show them the information and talk it over with them: that way they are more likely to listen. If you are desperate, contact one of the information groups listed here. If you can add to this, please email Tvind Alert and let us know what happened.

I want to do voluntary work abroad, but not with Tvind. What are the alternatives?

There are hundreds of gap year and volunteering organisations. The most famous ones such as Voluntary Service Overseas (UK) and the Peace Corps (USA) will usually accept only volunteers with qualifications and experience (such as science or engineering graduates) This is why Tvind is so popular with many young people – it requires no qualifications. But many other organisations offer unqualified young people an opportunity to travel and help others – follow the link for some suggestions. Tvind Alert cannot tell how efficient and reliable they are. Beware – Tvind has many names. Check here for a full list of Tvind organisations and other names before making a final choice. Please email Tvind Alert with your suggestions or comments.

I paid a lot of money in advance, but I have decided not to continue with the Tvind course. Can I get my money back?

Tvind Alert has received reports from a number of people who have succeeded in getting at least some of their money back. However, it does appear to be extremely difficult. Students have often signed a ‘contract’ and they are usually told that it is legally binding. Sometimes this is a document in a foreign language (Danish). The answer is to be persistet. Do not fobbed off by threats and emotional blackmail – this is your money and you are entitled to it. If a refund is made, you will never get back everything you paid – the Teachers fight for every penny and deductions will be made for all sorts of trivial expenses. Reports please.

I used to belong to the Teachers Group, but eventually I left. It took me years to get over things, now I want to talk about it. Can I contact others in the same position?

Yes. Tvind Alert is in touch with a number of (often very distressed) former members of the Teachers Group by email and telephone. Some have gone public, others have sent their story to Tvind Alert in confidence, and others have said they are waiting until the right moment. Tvind Alert is not run by former TG members. But it can put people in touch with each other by email in confidence – email Tvind Alert. If there is enough interest and demand, Tvind Alert will set up a confidential mailing list of ex-TG members – contact us.

The local Humana clothes recycling shop categorically denies it has anything to do with Tvind. How do you know there is a connection between Humana and Tvind?

Here is one simple hint. Humana People-to-People, the central Humana organisation with its world HQ in Zimbabwe, is an integrated part of Tvind. No one denies that – not even TG-people from Tvind. From the Humana People-to-People website ( you can link to Humana projects and partners all over the world. They are all part of this same website. Who has opened the website It has been opened by and is run from – not Zimbabwe, but from “The Federation for Projects Connected to the International People to People Movement”. It’s address is: Energivej 2, Ballerup, Denmark. Funnily enough this is the same address as the Danish Humana – which is called Ulandshjælp fra folk til folk (UFF) an integrated part of Tvind. And who is the administrative contact for the It is a well known TG-member Kåre Dahne with the address: Humana People to People, Köpenicker Strasse 45, Berlin. (Danish journalist)

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