Development aid projects or commercial plantations?

Tvind runs scores of projects in Africa through its local charities. It calls them aid projects. But are they all really aid – or trade?

There are several important differences between Tvind’s ‘aid’ and the help offered to African people by other charities, such as Oxfam or Care.

Tvind’s aid projects were criticised for poor standards by the European Commission in 1986 and the EU has not given any grants to Tvind since. Click to read the EEC report.

Many conventional NGOs refuse to work with Tvind because of concerns about allegedly poor organisation and standards on Tvind projects. Equally, Tvind project leaders have a reputation for keeping themselves separate from other NGOs working in the same country. Unicef has repeatedly told Tvind not to use its name and logo on promotional material. Tvind nevertheless continues to imply it has Unicef endorsement.