How Planet Aid is plagiarizing academic sites


STOP PRESS: Following A article below, has eliminated Planet Aidis content from its website.

Planet Aid can be a big applied-clothing business that says it ‘helps global development’ by collecting old clothes trashed by American households and, among other activities, selling youngsters’ ‘knowledge’. It’s also among the many businesses discreetly run from the cultish Tvind Teachers Team and eventually by its fugitive leader Amdi Petersen, needed by Interpol.

Among its actions would be to convince colleges through the United States to host a used-clothes fall-in-box, in substitution for a cost.

Planet Aid claims this rewards colleges and helps teach children; without doubt it also helps burnish the company’s picture and improve its reach, all to get a very small expense.

However the company’s picture has already been significantly damaged – it encourages an academic ‘program’ of uncertain worth while enhancing itself via an offshore community. We now have found that World Aid’s sites within the academic world are nothing lacking downright dishonest too. It is plagiarizing others’s work and showing it as its: only the alternative of what training must be.

The net site is just a service ‘trusted by more than 2 million teachers since 2005’ that explains itself as ‘the planet’s hottest academic blogging service’. is Panet Aid’s contribution to that particular website, targeted at teachers everywhere. But our detective in the united states has unearthed that all of the posts she examined on Earth Aidis site has been ripped from someone else’s blog – without attribution, as if it had been Earth Aid’s original work. Planet Aid has shown itself as immovative and inspiring – actually it is using among the very methods educationists revile.

Some tips about what our people researcher writes:

“There’s an old saying, “the reality hurts.” Allow The pain begin.

I’d prefer to address this op ed straight to academics and college administrators who’ve permitted clothing collection containers onto school houses. Yes sure, I understand you’re finding easy-money for the college…and God knows you’ll need it…but at what cost? What classes would be the children understanding? Works out, several of those “lessons” aren’t that which you decided on.

Today’s training is thanks to Planet Aid Inc:

Plagiarism 101 (Nobody cares about some stupid old posts. You’re getting paid. So it’s OK.)

For some years now World Assistance continues to be a part of, which says that its “Trusted by more than 2 million teachers because 2005.” Perhaps so, although not due to Planet Aid. A lot of World Aid’s articles aren’t actually original….just copies of older news articles having a few words changed. Burning an older post and pushing “Planet Aid” inside it anywhere, doesn’t represent an authentic work…it’s plagiarism, and nothing more.

A week ago I had been doing some investigation after I discovered The older article that I had been resulted in had nothing related to recycling or green-problems of any sort. Further study revealed this was simply articles copied and re-published without any mention of the initial post or writer. Poor. Very bad. I looked over several more posts. Same task. Actually, for that weeks October 2012 – December 2012, every article that I investigated was plagiarized. (I stopped taking care of nine. Who knows exactly how many you will find?) The web site was the initial supply of many, some as far back as 2007.

Academics, school administrators, PTA members, and all you who lobbied that World Assistance was so fantastic…here’s your research for that time. I request you to study World Aid’s website ( on your own.

Spend some time. Still do it. Read before you bleed. Since you truly didn’t take some time to analyze Planet Help before you pushed their methods onto the kids at your schools. Oh sure, they gave you some literature, they passed you a glossy brochure, guaranteed children they were “saving the planet.” Phrases. Plenty of words. And today we look for a practice of burning “words” from another person.