September 22, 2014

Medical Marijuana Allowed in Minnesota

Lawmakers in Minnesota finally approved a bill legalizing the use of medical marijuana within the state last May 15. The decision was heavily influenced by the petition of sick citizens who depend on marijuana use for pain alleviation purposes. Marijuana has long been believed to be effective in diminishing and even treating several diseases.

It is to be remembered that marijuana use for recreational and medical purposes was legalized in Colorado and Washington just last year. After two months of the first day of legal sale in Colorado, the drug generated about $1 million. The state’s number of cannabis-related arrests, which comprises 50% of the total arrests, plunged. This enabled law enforcement to focus on other criminal activities. The state also saved between $12 million to $40 million in 2012 by removing marijuana penalties. Read More

Security Fraud: What You Need to Know

Fraudulent activities and cases are alarmingly increasing today and many people are becoming more vulnerable to these attacks. From having access to your online passwords to tricking you into signing up for an investment scheme, there will always be someone out there who is just waiting for you to give in to their scams. A great way to keep these things from happening is awareness about these things. Read on to learn more.

The following are the most common scams that you need know so you won’t fall for their investment or payment schemes and tricks. Read More

Is World War III Going to Happen?

Recent conflicts over world powers sparked fear among misinformed and kept-in-the-dark citizens of an upcoming World War III. While the assumption that another world war is soon to come is fairly outrageous and not supported by any concrete proofs, it is not too far-fetched that a war may erupt somewhere in Europe. Here’s why:

Russia’s Power to Bully

News of a Russian invasion of Ukraine in the early part of the year sent every political analyst into contemplating mode. Russia is a world power known to have inside its dark halls nuclear weapons so strong that it can annihilate majority of North America in just a single blast.This is what made Russia haughty enough to send thousands of soldiers to invade Ukraine. These soldiers took over Crimean airports, military bases, government buildings, and communication centers.

Conflict between Russia and Ukraine is not new. Since 1783 they have been involved in a split nationalism that resulted to rocky political situations. In the recent invasion, Ukraine’s Russia-loving president Viktor Yanukovych became a fugitive and sought refuge in Russia. Sergey Aksyonov was appointed as Crimea’s new Prime Minister at gunpoint.

Russia’s radical move to invade the country is an evidence of tis aggression and confidence that no global power, not even America, will dare stop it. They know that the nuclear weapons are their alas. They’re also loving the fact that many Ukrainians favor Russia. Putin clearly took this as an encouragement. While some Ukrainians view that the invasion was an act of war, Russia thought that it was an act of salvation.

Territorial Disputes

Somewhere in the East China Sea the Chinese is battling against the Japanese and Filipinos for certain territories that are believed to contain massive oil deposits. China is claiming the Senkaku Islands which Japan believes is rightfully hers. The Spratlys Island is also another territory in question. It is evidently within the boundaries of the Philippines but China seems to think that it is theirs because it was the property of the Chinese Empire 2,000 years ago.

Although the UN is stepping in to resolve the issue, China has the reputation to be unbending. This is the same country that beat Japan as the top economy in Asia and is currently the second largest economy in terms of GDP and purchasing power parity next to the United States. Its aggression backed by its powerful military forces and strong economy makes China a real threat to the surrounding countries.


The United States recently stepped in the affairs of the Philippines when President Obama visited the country last April. This visit was a way to secure Philippine’s alliance with the US, which involves the USA’s protection of the Philippines from imminent military attacks by China in exchange that USA can set up military bases in the country. This sounds too reminiscent of the situations back then in World War II. The US is also legally bound to protect the Philippines as required by the 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty. It’s also vocal about its support of Japan against China. If America gets involved, it will really be a full-scale world war. Hopefully, the tidings will change for the better because nobody wants a game of nuclear war.

4 Ways to Avoid Car Insurance Frauds

There are lots of reliable companies out there that offer comprehensive car insurance. This means that they will cover losses and damages, including medical cost if the insurance owner had injuries due to the accident. Sadly, there are also lots of scammers who offer car insurance that don’t exist or won’t offer any coverage should it be needed. Therefore, if you are still thinking about getting car insurance, here are some tips to ensure that you avoid being scammed:

• Compare and contrast insurance quotes of various car insurance companies. People love something cheap. Thus, scammers will offer a cheap rate so that everyone will fall on their bait. Once you give in to this, you will regret your decision in the end. Thus, if you think that the car insurance premium is too cheap, then something fishy might be going on.

• Be careful in dealing with online car insurance companies. There are lots of companies that let you register online and process all your documents online, including your monthly dues. This is definitely hassle-free. However, just like all other online transactions, this is totally risky. Therefore, you need to be careful in who you are partnering with. Stick with trusted companies only.

• Call the insurance company first and ask all possible questions to test if they really are knowledgeable about the car insurance and coverage. If you think they cannot answer certain questions or they are not really aware about car insurance details at all, then you are most likely dealing with a bogus company.

• Don’t get insurance from someone who offers you one when you have already gotten yourself in an accident. There are con artists who will pretend that they are insurance agents and will offer you a cheap rate for car insurance right on the spot. Once you give your money, they will say they will process your documents, but they won’t show up ever again.

Thus, you really need to be careful before dealing with any insurance company. If you are currently looking for third party fire and theft car insurance, go here and get the best results.